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Psalmist, Songwriter, Author,  Pastor

Lisa Basnight Reid is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter and author. Lisa has devoted her life to ministry and it is evident through her writing and music. She is the devoted wife of Dexter A. Reid, Sr. and they have a blended family of 5 grown children, and 3 grandchildren. Originally from Mount Vernon, New York, Lisa has lived in the Atlanta metropolitan area for over 25 years.


Lisa is a Pastor for the Way of L.Y.F.E. Faith Community led by Apostles Jalani and Larraine McCaa. Way of L.Y.F.E. is a faith community endeavoring to impact culture by advancing the Kingdom of God through discipleship and fellowship.


Pastor Lisa also leads a ministry called Haven@Home which encourages worship with individual creativity at home. You can find Haven@Home on Facebook and YouTube.


In addition to ministry, Lisa is the founder and owner of Temple Fit & Wellness, LLC. Temple Fit & Wellness exists to provide women a holistic and biblical approach to become healthy through a mindset change, nutrition and physical fitness. Having lost 95 pounds, Lisa wants to share the biblical principles and life changing strategies that helped her to become more mobile, to have more energy and eat to live and not living to eat.


Pastor Lisa lives to worship God and is passionate about leading people into His presence with prayer, music, songs and creative expression. It’s her life’s mission to be to the Earth what God created her for.

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Psalmist Lisa B. Reid

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